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Plataran for the People, Plataran for the Earth, Plataran for the Heritage

In order to support our Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy's commitment to the Glasgow Declaration and Indonesia's leadership at G20; Plataran Indonesia and Jejakin have committed to collaborate in a sustainable initiative involving carbon footprint calculation and climate actions in the tourism industry.

In this collaboration, as an effort to measure and offset the identified carbon emissions, moreover to increase awareness and concern towards our environment, Jejakin has provided a platform to help ease the effort this nation needs in tackling climate change.

This platform helps to calculate the carbon footprint for your flights, hotel stay, and other accommodation needs throughout your travel and the time you spend visiting Indonesia.

You can then select to offset your footprint through the provided program section. Your valueable offset contribution will be reinvested in projects that regenerate nature, offer greater solutions, help out local economy, and even support activities to decarbonize the tourism sector.

Calculate Your Footprint